"I fly to Hawaii next month to coach a major corporation!"

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CoachStart™ Mentoring Program:
Make back 10 x Your Investment in Mentor Coaching


Dear current or future coach,

What's included?

I created the CoachStart Mentor program for people wanting an entry to the profession of life coaching, and practising coaches wanting a 'business accelerator' from a senior coach. Both types of coaches should be expecting to make back ten times their investment in this program, within a reasonable time frame.

The CoachStart Mentoring Program includes:

  • Your personal coach for coaching on personal issues ($1,000 value per month)
  • Unlimited e-mail coaching in addition to the weekly phone sessions.
  • You choose the balance between personal issues and your coaching business.
  • All phone charges, including international calls, for your individual coaching sessions.
  • Referrals to free coaching clients to practice on (when available)
  • Discount option for 6 month advance payment
  • Checklist for working with a Mentor Coach

Who Hires You?

Mentoring with me can be both an entry point to the career of coaching, and a 'business accelerator' for practising coaches.

Here's who normally comes to me for coach mentoring:

  • People strongly interested in a career in coaching, but wanting to explore this area before committing to a longer coach training program. Also people wanting to generate an income from coaching to help pay for the cost of their coach training program. 
    How the program works for you.
  • People already enrolled in a coach training program, who want to accelerate the process of building their practice, and getting clients.
    How the program works for you.
  • Master coaches wanting to up their business skills
  • People preferring to work one on one with a senior coach, rather than a classroom environment to accelerate their practice.
  • People who don't have the time available at this stage to commit to a training school, but still want to get their coaching career started with the limited time they have.
  • People who have both coaching business, and personal goals they would like to work on concurrently.

You should work well independently, be a self-starter, and have been successful in another field. Many of the clients could be described as 'high flyers'. You are probably looking to get 'ahead of the curve', and may even have long term aspirations of creating coaching products (e.g. books and tapes), having a high media profile, and possibly professional speaking. Details aside - you're out to make a significant impact!

And, you're in a financial position to be able to afford working with a senior coach. If you're in debt, or constantly worried about money, then working with a senior coach may not be the best option for you at this stage.

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How Does Mentoring Fit in With Coach Training?

Mentoring is not a substitute for coach training. For example, the coach does not do specific scheduled lectures or training on Requests or Goal Setting.

If you are starting up, I can help you get ready to take on clients, and then get clients to practice with. Common goals include addressing your confidence, developing your initial materials, communicating coaching, and the typical structure of a coaching session. Coaches are then usually interested in a strong marketing focus to get you up and running with your own clients.

Some participants like to work with a senior coach to be sure coaching is the career they are ready to commit to. She is also happy to help you choose a training program when the time comes.

Some people work with the CoachStart Mentor program and then choose a training program. Some people work with the CoachStart Mentor program while in a training program, and others have come to it after a training program to help them accelerate their business.

Whichever path calls to you, if your main objective in coaching is to get a 'piece of paper' to hang on your wall, then you don't need the CoachStart Mentor program you're looking for a coach training school.

How Does it Work?

1) You start with a 6 month, 12 month, or 3 month time frame.

2) You and your coach agree on three goals that would make a big difference to your coaching practice, and your life.

3) You will 3 x 25 minute live telephone sessions per month with your coach during this period to mentor and support you in achieving your goals. E-mail coaching and review of your work is also included at no additional charge.

4) You will fill in a Self-Coaching form before each call, which I will read as preparation for our session. This allows you to get double the value from the program, and trains you to access your own wisdom.

You grow and develop from the coaching material (straight information), role plays, completing specific forms or programs, fieldwork during the week, hands on coaching, and not least - being coached!

As you probably know, coaches must be models for their clients. Therefore, you may be required to assess specific areas of your own life, and may need to actively develop these during our time together.

At the end of the period, you're welcome to renew for a second period if we both agree there's a next level for you to go to.

Success Stories

"I remember when I first started coaching it was terrifying to suddenly say 'I am a coach' and hang out my shingle. Fortunately I found David, who walked me through the steps required to build my confidence and gain my first clients.

By the end of three months I had 15 clients and most were paying. David gave me the tools I needed to start doing complementary sessions and convert these into clients. With David's guidance I was able to take giant steps and start earning money much quicker than most new coaches.

Two years down the line I now have a thriving practice - following my passion for coaching teens! I am in no doubt that without David it would have taken me much longer to get there. If you are a new coach looking for something or someone to kick you and your practice into action, then David is the Coach Mentor you want in your corner. So fasten your seat belt and prepare for lift off!"

Sarah Newton
Milton Keynes, UK



"David helped me to get my coaching business up and running with 17 clients after just three months.  I was also pleased to reach $3,000 a month in revenue in such a short time. And I was able to keep my job as a helicopter rescue nurse!

And - it has led me to a whole new level in my personal life.

Two years later, I am now coach to approx. 1,800 staff at a large private hospital in Perth. And I LOVE IT!

I often go back to my notes from my sessions, as the principles are timeless."

Estelle Gibbins
Perth, Australia



"I have a Master's Degree in Organizational Behavior and Executive Coaching, and David's who I came to for help in getting my first clients. David helped me DOUBLE my charge rate from $75/hour up to $150/hour.

He provides a great step by step guide to starting a coaching practice. I love knowing I'm creating a positive ripple effect!"

Sarah Skinner
Win-Win Coaching, LLC

success story

"I own and run a successful investment advisory company in Southerncolby California. Eight months ago my income was high, but my personal fulfillment was low. Although I started trying to help and coach others, I was not following through and my dreams were stagnating.

It was then that I stumbled across David's web site and decided to give the CoachStart Mentoring Program a try. And I have to say the results have been beyond all my expectations.

With David's help and encouragement I:

  • quickly surpassed my initial goal of five clients
  • became confident in coaching
  • created a business name, look, feel and web site that really expresses who I am
  • held my very first coaching seminar which was a big success
  • fly next month to Hawaii to do life coaching for a major corporation!

More importantly the personal growth I have gone through has been priceless. I now feel fulfilled in my daily life. I have learned how to eliminate stress, worry and anxiety from my life, and how to generate a feeling of incredible power. This was not in my goals and was not something I was seeking. I wake each day thankful that I stumbled across David's site and took the first step towards fulfilling a life long dream. David and I now are working on a grander vision of what I want to create for my life and my life purpose over the next year.

I now have no doubt that I am making a difference in the world."

Richard Colby McFadden
Mission Viejo, CA United States


Listen to Snippets of an Actual Mentoring Session

Wondering about the kinds of things discussed on our CoachStart Mentor calls? A number of my clients (particularly C.D. - pictured below) have generously agreed to share with you parts of their mentoring sessions with me. This should give you a feel for what might go on in your sessions with your Mentor Coach.

CDCelebrating the First Client! (40sec)

Agreeing on Fieldwork (1min)

Strategy - the Trial Session (1min)


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(Note: the program is tailored to your specific situation - one client threw the whole schedule out by getting four clients in the first month! We can tailor this to your needs, so best to consider this a guideline or checklist only. And for advanced coaches we throw this away altogether)

Month 1: Clarity and Confidence

The coaching for this month normally focuses on:

  • Setting the goals you will achieve using this program
  • Why you want to be a coach (your vision for your clients)
  • Why you would make a good coach
  • What you have to offer your clients
  • General Business Planning, and
  • Your personal development targets for the next three months.

Month 2: Developing Your Typical Coaching Session

In this month we develop a typical session you feel comfortable with.

  • Clarifying the primary goal
  • Sample coaching session structures
  • Sample coaching questions and role-plays
  • What to do when stuck!
  • Role plays
  • Practice clients

Month 3: Riding the Bicycle!

In the final month (and for many people, this begins in the first month!), we get you up and running with 5-10 clients.

  • How to get your first clients
  • The enrollment conversation
  • Setting your fee
  • Negotiation and 'contra' deals
  • Refining your coaching session
  • Role plays
  • Support for your coaching sessions
  • Gathering testimonials

Months 4, 5 & 6: Advanced Marketing & Extended Business Setup

Advanced Marketing

  • Networking
  • Referrals (How to ask, making it easy, commission)
  • Seminars
  • Information Evenings
  • Testimonials
  • Publicity and Advertising (media Kit, interviews, articles, radio, TV)
  • Newsletter (e.g. target market, content, delivery, advertising)
  • Public Speaking
  • Strategic Web Design (purpose, strategies, traffic, passive income)
  • Advanced Online Marketing
  • Product Creation
  • Additional Revenue Streams

Extended Business Setup

  • Standards and Systems (e.g. Response time, Billing)
  • Boundaries & Policies (e.g. Late payments, Missed calls)
  • Best Practices (e.g. Data backup, Virus protection)
  • Stationery
  • Feedback System (partnering with your clients, continual improvement)
  • Paperwork (Standard Forms, Developing YOUR Programmes


What if I'm already coaching, and beyond this program?

Excellent! Then that will be even more fun. We'll customize the mentoring to exactly what YOU need to get to where you want to be.


Who is Your Coach?

Your coach on the end of the phone and Internet connection will be David Wood of SolutionBox. David left New York and a career in management consulting, and now has a successful international coaching practice based in California, USA. He is a co-founder of the International Coach Academy, a global coach training company, and also speaks professionally to audiences on the topic: "Create A Life You Love" and "Get Paid For Who You Are". His internet newsletters have reached a distribution of 95,000 in 91 countries - and continue to grow.


David Wood - Coach

David has coached on-camera for two national television networks, appeared on CNN Headline News, and is author of 'Get Paid For Who You Are'. As well as learning from his clients and from life, David has trained with organizations such as Landmark Education, the More Institute, and The Human Awareness Institute.

David was awarded the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) designation by the International Coach Federation based in Washington, D.C, and was one of the first 10 coaches in Australia to hold this designation.



Ask yourself: "What is it worth to me, to have a six figure practice year after year?"

Is it $100,000? $200,000?

(If it's not worth that to you, then really how committed are you to creating it?)

Well your investment isn't $100,000, or even $50,000. Here is the tuition:

*$9,997 for Six Months Mentoring Program ($1,997 savings)

$19,997 for One Year Mentoring Program ($3,991 savings)

$5,997 for Three Month Mentoring Program

The six month program is recommended. Some coaches feel supported by committing to a 12 month program, and some just want a 3 month energy injection! Note you can choose the longer term to get the discount, and still end the mentoring early if circumstances change.

I want you to make back TEN TIMES your investment. So a great question to ask yourself is - by what date am I committed to making back ten times my mentoring tuition? For example, if you register for six months of mentoring, and you already have a coaching business, you might commit to making $99,970 within 6-12 months. If you're just starting out, you might want to give yourself a couple of years to make ten times the amount you paid.


NEW: Introducing the payment plan

By popular demand, for the 6 and 12 month program you can now make regular monthly payments of $1,997 until your tuition is reached. A 5% administration fee is added for payment plans.


What if I decide not to finish the agreed time period?

If your circumstances or priorities change, you may cease coaching at the end of any four week cycle, and get a full refund for the unused portion. You would then be charged at the higher rate for the shorter time period.

Sound good? Apply Here

Simply fill in the form below. Once you submit the form, I'll assess your answers to see if this program seems right for you. If accepted, you will be e-mailed to set up our weekly coaching call time, to arrange secure payment, and arrange our first session. I will send you a welcome pack via email, and you might even have some homework to do before the first session! (I'm a big believer in momentum). The Welcome Pack includes our Coaching Agreement, the 6-3 Goals Form to help you expand and plan your initial business goals, and a couple of other tools to help kickstart you.

If you would like a quick chat first to make sure the program is for you before I take your payment, simply check 'Yes' in the appropriate box below. If you check 'No', we can set up much faster, and you'll be coaching even sooner.

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1) What are three goals you would LOVE to achieve by the end of the six months. Please be specific - e.g. To have 15 clients; To have a web site that expresses who I am; To have $3,000 PM in revenue:

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2) By when will you aim to have earned back ten times your investment in your mentor coaching?*

6 months

12 months

24 months 36 months



3) How long do you think it makes sense for us to work together to make a really solid impact on these goals?*

6 months (Recommended)

12 months or more

3 months


4) Please select your options for the program:

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Do we need a quick chat before we start just to get connected and make sure this is for you?*

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My main query:

Do you require anyone else's agreement before setting up a 3-6 month coaching structure for yourself?*
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What is your preferred start date?*
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From 1-10, how ready do you feel to get started in the program?*
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I understand that while I may choose to commit to a 3, 6 or 12 month program, I may still withdraw at the end of the first month if it is not what I expected:*


5) If you were to polish your own personal life, to be a better example as a coach, which two areas would you be willing to improve/polish over the next three to six months? (Maximum Two)





Relationship(s) Peace/Stress & Confidence Own Business Learning & Growth


6) And lastly, your contact details:

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David Wood
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