CoachStart™ Mentoring Program

Are you interested in a career in coaching, but wanting to explore this area before making a commitment to a coach training program?


I've found there are many people who would like to find out more of what coaching is about, what their coaching strengths are, and even get a little practice "riding the bike" before making a commitment to a coach training program, or to getting accredited as a coach.

The CoachStart™ Mentoring Program allows you to explore who you are as a coach - answering such questions as "Why would I coach?", "What do I want for people?", and "Why would people hire me?". We'll then tap into your natural strengths as a coach, and get you "riding that bike" in a safe environment. When you're ready to join a training program, either while working with me or afterwards, we'll talk about the best fit for you.



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