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Is it actually possible to build a career and make a good living from coaching?

There are now 4000 members of the International Coach Federation, and an estimated 12,000 coaches worldwide. It's been billed as the second fastest growing profession behind IT. Coaching is very rewarding personally. And financially, the coaches who know how to market are making money. As one example, it took me 3.5 years to reach the 6 figure income mark from coaching. And that's without my full attention - during that time I created two other businesses. And - that's before I received my certification from the ICF (that takes time). And I'm just getting started!<smile>

Can I coach part time?

Yes - in fact I recommend it. Create a couple of slots for your coaching clients, but keep your day job. It takes the pressure off. A great way to do it is cut back to 3 days a week (or find a new job that lets you do this) in six months time once you've proven to yourself you can attract clients and revenue. Then you can spend more time expanding your coaching business.

Can I really make a difference with my clients now, or does that take time?

This may surprise you. Many CoachStart™ participants report results from the very first sessions they hold with clients, and find it a very rewarding experience. Actually, it's very difficult for someone to spend 30 minutes a week with you focusing on what's important on their life, and NOT move forward.

Do I have to market this to my friends?

No. But they might be willing to do some practice sessions with you to help you train and develop, and some may beg you for coaching. Let's not turn them down, hmm?<smile>. Whether you charge them or not is another conversation - and doesn't really matter.

Where will I get my first clients?

In the CoachStart™ Program your coach will help you to develop a marketing plan, looking at a number of different methods, and you get to pick two to three which most appeal to you. You can choose from advertising, leveraging your current network of friends/associates, using an existing client base, public speaking, simple seminars, affiliations, web marketing, and working with the media. ONE easy place to start, is to practice with your existing network. They'll get a lot out of it, some of them will want you to coach them, and all of them become referral sources. However, as mentioned above, there's no need to 'sell' coaching to anyone, and you don't have to coach anyone you know if you don't want to. (But as I said, it's an easier start point).

How long would you work with your Mentor Coach?

We'll normally start with a 3-6 month time frame. Some people sign on for six months because they know coaching is for them, and they want the extra discount that comes with this commitment. Others go for three months (still a 25% discount), and at the end of that period decide often roll over to another three months. Some coaches have been with a Mentor Coach for over a year, as they expand into stronger web strategies, public speaking and/or delivering their own seminars. Remember you can withdraw at the end of any four week cycle (you simply lose the discount you received for the longer commitment) and receive a refund for the unused time.

I don't have related qualifications. Where does this leave me regarding professional credibility?

Current Situation:
Bear in mind this is still a new profession. The vast majority of coaches are not yet certified, and the industry is self-regulated (not government regulated). I reached the income mark above without any formal qualification. I relied on good testimonials from people I helped, and the connection we felt in a trial session/consultation. It was over three years before I obtained a formal certification, and as yet, I haven't noticed any difference in my practice now that I have a piece of paper. In three years I remember one person asking me if I was certified, and that was a corporate client.

Future Situation:
I believe, and hope the situation will change. As the public becomes more educated, they will begin to look for a formal certification. I would say that in about three years time it will become more important to have a formal certification, but still not critical from a marketing point of view. (For example, Tony Robbins built his career by guaranteeing people twice their money back, and producing results.) However, I recommend ALL participants of this program seek formal certification within the first year of their coaching career. It's not just about credibility - don't you want to be the best coach you possibly can?

I'm still not sure if I should join a coaching school now...

Definitely you should at some point. Coaching schools can offer great value . Only you can choose if this is the best option for you at this time. And, some people like to work with the CoachStart Mentor program for a few months before taking this option, others train with a school concurrently with working with the CoachStart Mentor program (now that's acceleration!).


Sounds good to me. How do we get started?

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