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"Just knowing you are out there, knowing what you are committed to inspires me to no end. Thank you for contributing so powerfully in results for me personally, professionally, and for my clients!"

Darshana Hawks


“Let me start by saying I think this manual is fantastic... The biggest thing I got from this Manual was new sense of confidence and competence – the simple exercises and role plays you’ve provided have made me eager to try some new methods.”

Daniel Midson Short


"David, I am really enjoying this Manual! It is clear, practical, comprehensive and inspirational, and it will be a great reference for me as I begin my coaching practice."

Carolyn Claiborne
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Mentoring Program

CoachStart™ Mentoring Program

CoachStart™ Mentoring Program

Mentoring with a Mentor Coach is designed to introduce you to the career of coaching, and to help you set up the building blocks of your coaching business.

This program is not designed to get you accredited as a coach, nor to train you as a coach. For this you will required a coach training school. LifeSkills Coaching recommends all coaches eventually seek accreditation through the International Coach Federation. The International Coach Academy is one school providing training required by this accrediting body.

Should you at some point choose to pursue accreditation with the International Coach Federation (see below), one of the requirements for this accreditation is that you be mentored by an ICF accredited coach. Your phone sessions with me will count towards this requirement.

International Coach Federation, Life Coaching Certification, Accreditation

The International Coach Federation certification is expected to become the major recognized qualification in the world. The requirements are stringent, and it is expected few coaches will attain this in under two years.

Following is a very brief summary of the major requirements for ICF certification, and involves some interpretation. I recommend you visit the International Coach Federation web site for the actual details and updates - please do not rely solely on the information below.

1) 125 hours of coaching training. (A minimum of 100 core hours must be in person or by phone).

2) Coach clients for a minimum of 750 hours (90% paid).

3) Be mentored by an ICF certified coach for a minimum of 10 hours spanning a minimum of 3 months. (Note your phone sessions in the CoachStart Program will count towards this requirement).

4) Pass an oral and written examination.

As mentioned above, training via the International Coach Academy provides its own certification, plus a pathway to ICF accreditation.


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